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5 July, 2022. Posted in Event Expertise

The Importance of Fresh Air During Conferences

Conferences are a fantastic way to network with new people, exhibit a product or provide an informative talk on an academic subject. However, it is just as important to get up and get moving in breaks.

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25 November, 2020. Posted in Event Expertise

What is a hybrid event? We explain the benefits

Hybrid events offer businesses the opportunity to reach a broader audience, even in times of social distancing. Find out the benefits.

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15 September, 2020. Posted in Event Expertise

How to Run a Successful Online Event and Get Networking Again

Hosting a virtual event gives your business the opportunity to engage and network with your customers again. Here’s our guide to online event a success.

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24 June, 2019. Posted in Event Expertise

4 Ways To Make Your Event More Sustainable

Environmental concerns to consider when planning a conference or meeting and ideas on how to organise an eco-friendly event.

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14 May, 2019. Posted in Event Expertise

How To Promote An Event On Social Media

When you need to let people know about an event you’re planning, social media is increasingly a good place to start.

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26 March, 2019. Posted in Event Expertise

Calling all Event Planners

Are you responsible for organising events on a regular basis? Would you be interested in a series of tailored event planning workshops at the University of Exeter?

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