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Find out more about our own current news and events as well as what's going on in the city of Exeter and beyond.

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10 December, 2020. Posted in Current Events

Dan Snow's History Hit Comes To The Great Hall

The award-winning, chart-topping podcast and online TV channel has announced a new live tour for Autumn 2021

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25 November, 2020. Posted in Event Expertise

What is a hybrid event? We explain the benefits

Hybrid events offer businesses the opportunity to reach a broader audience, even in times of social distancing. Find out the benefits.

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30 September, 2020. Posted in Event Exeter News

Event Exeter Light It In Red For The Event Industry

Reed Hall stands illuminated in red, in solidarity with event industry peers across the UK #lightitinred

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17 September, 2020. Posted in Event Exeter News

Event Exeter Team Rises To The Challenge

In true Event Exeter style, the team has come up trumps, helping other areas of the University in the struggle to cope with the additional challenges that Covid-19 has brought.

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15 September, 2020. Posted in Event Expertise

How to Run a Successful Online Event and Get Networking Again

Hosting a virtual event gives your business the opportunity to engage and network with your customers again. Here’s our guide to online event a success.

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27 May, 2020. Posted in Visiting Exeter

5 Things To Do In Devon - Virtually

We’ve pulled together just a few places to visit in Devon, without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

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