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International Women's Day: Celebrating Our Team

International Womens DayInternational Women's Day

A day designed to celebrate the achievements of ordinary women across the globe. We are marking this day by recognising the accomplishments of the fantastic group of women in our Event Exeter team; without them Event Exeter certainly wouldn't be as strong as it is.

There's no two ways about it, working in events is hard work. Aside from needing a level head, a whole lot of resilience and a passion for hard work, you need a serious selection of 'comfy' shoes! Having said that, to see a successful event grow from a small pipe dream to reality, is what makes working in this industry so special.

Behind the scenes at Event Exeter, of course you'll find shoes a plenty, but you'll also find additional teams in Sales, Marketing and Business Improvement, who work tirelessly to drive business and generate income to reinvest back into the University.

Our Women

We asked some of the wonderful women in our team to give us a run down on what it's like to work in events, be it working directly with organisers or taking the initial enquiries - everyone has their role to play. Here's a small insight into their lives with Event Exeter....


Events really! They bring people together to inform, to learn, to celebrate. I like that events have different ranges from being very simplistic to being mega complex to organise with many different elements to think about. Events that challenge me to think outside the box are the ones I enjoy the most. What is not to love about working in an industry where the events you are involved in inspire others? - Glender Duzon, Event Sales Specialist

The buzz. I like that each client and event are unique - makes each day different and the job itself, dynamic. Plus, you get to meet many people and learn a lot from them, as they have completely different backgrounds, nature of business, event aim etc. - Lina Phillipova, Event Sales Specialist


The realisation of how much confidence I’ve gained since I started my career in not only my abilities, but also the confidence to want to give the ‘big and ‘scary’ challenges a go. - Katharine Millar, Sales Support Co-ordinator

Successfully managing a portfolio of  133 events in the last financial year and looking to beat that total this year - Glender Duzon, Event Sales Specialist


Incredible. I like to think I’m quite an independent woman and refuse help from most people around me, unless I really need it. As a single mum, in a good career, studying for a 2nd degree, I like to think I’m a reasonable representation of how woman can do it all! - Fran Brandi, Event Sales Manager

Juggling family and work is never an easy task. I give myself a pat on the back every day. BUT, the buzz you get from getting through that day and achieving goals is second to none. I am lucky enough to work for the University, where wellbeing is high on the agenda - simply crucial when we live in such pressured times. Here's to all you ladies out there, keep doing what you're doing! - Kate Jane, Event Sales Manager

Flying The Flag For Equality

Our team may be made up of ordinary women, but they undeniably do extraordinary work to ensure that expectations are met and more often than not, exceeded. The women in our team show us what women can bring to the table and why gender parity should be the norm across the world. Well done ladies.

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