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5 Ways to use Outdoor Spaces at the University of Exeter

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As winter fades into the distance and the first snowdrops of spring start to appear, it’s the ideal time for you and your colleagues to make the most of this beautiful setting during the working week. We have come up with 5 great ways to use the outdoor space available on the Streatham Campus, so check out our list below:

Our Very Own Green and Pleasant Land

The Streatham Campus at the University of Exeter is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful campuses in the UK, having been described by The Times as ‘the best gardened campus in Britain’. Home to over 10,000 trees as well as beautifully kept botanical gardens, meadows and sculpture trail, the campus has won the prestigious Green Flag Award an incredible 11 times.

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1. Netwalking

We are all aware of the fantastic benefits of staying active, but it can be hard to get the step count up in a sedentary 9-5 office job. However, sit-down meetings could become a thing of the past, as the popularity of netwalking continues to grow. Doing exactly what is says on the tin, netwalking combines both networking and walking. It’s a great way to break down barriers, stimulate creativity and give your eyes a break from the screen. The Streatham campus is the ideal location for effective netwalking, with great views and a choice of walks. You might choose to wander through the Reed Arboretum and Italianate Gardens, or head behind the Sports Park to the top of Duryard Valley Park to talk about all things business. Make the most of the wide variety of green spaces on campus and get walking and talking today!

 2. Team Building Activities

The Streatham Campus offers a great location for some outdoors team building activities, with no shortage of wide, open grassy areas, such as outside the Queen’s Building, which would be perfect for games such as the Photo Challenge. Work together in teams to take pictures of specific objects, or of each other in different poses, such as a picture when the whole team is jumping. Or perhaps a scavenger hunt, with our beautiful campus offering endless opportunities to hide clues and find the reward, from the Reed Walled Garden to the International Garden.

3. Take A Breather On The Sculpture Trail

Getting out and about on a lunchtime walk is crucial for maintaining both physical and mental health. It provides a much-needed screen break, boosts your mood and helps to combat the post-lunch slump. The Sculpture Trail takes you all around the Streatham Campus, visiting a total of 39 sculptures in total, from world-renowned artists such as Barbara Hepworth and Peter Randall-Page. A truly peaceful way to spend a lunch hour, you can download a map and follow the trail through the verdant University grounds.

4. Mindfulness In Nature

Practising mindfulness on a regular basis is proven to reduce levels of anxiety and stress, helping you stay present and connect with your senses. Taking a few minutes to yourself in a relaxing and serene environment can help you tune in with nature and refocus. Focussing on your breath, and sounds you can hear around you is great for centering yourself and calming frantic thoughts. The sound of flowing water is synonymous with tranquillity, and there are many water features to choose from on the Streatham Campus. From the Reed Hall Pond to the Diamond Waterway Top Pond, explore all of our water features along the Jubilee Water Walk and experience the many benefits of mindfulness in nature.

picnic in blog5. Having Lunch Outside 

When the sun’s rays are shining through the trees, and the flowers are blooming under a clear blue sky, there is no greater pleasure than taking your lunch and eating it alfresco. There are innumerable places on campus where you can meet with friends and enjoy lunch outside, from the open green spaces by Streatham Court, to the tranquil water feature in the shade of the Reed Hall Pond. Grab some signature takeaway curly fries from The Ram or a wrap from Comida! and enjoy the many benefits of eating outside. You can boost your Vitamin D uptake and alleviate stress, as well as having a catch-up with your colleagues. You could even  combine a netwalk with an alfresco lunch, and truly make the most of our beautiful campus.

Now you know some of the best ways to utilise the wonderful green spaces we have on the Streatham Campus, make sure to get out there and enjoy them! With spring and summer drawing ever closer, it's the ideal time to explore campus, and find your favourite green space.

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